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March 2, 2022

How Creators Make Money on OnlyFans

Several influencers, notably adult content creators, have made money through the subscription-based social network OnlyFans.

OnlyFans’ 2 million creators can monetize in several ways. Subscriptions are the most straightforward method. Users must pay a monthly or annual fee to unlock the avast mobile security key 2019 content. A creator receives 80% of the revenue, while the company gets 20%.

It is up to the creator to decide how avast mobile security premium apk full version 2018complete a survey below to get uncharted 4 product key. much to charge for subscriptions; it can be difficult to calculate.

Morgan Edwards, an OnlyFans star known as “Kitty K,” said she was “in the dark” about pricing her subscriptions. As she gained experience, she built a successful career with OnlyFans, charging nearly $70 for three months of access.

Direct messaging with fans – for many, the most profitable method – and creating custom content are two other ways to make money on the platform. Among Audrey Aura’s 3,000 subscribers, private messaging became her most significant source of income.

OnlyFans creators may earn a lot of income from direct messaging, but it can take a lot of time, so some spend part of their day answering fans. This is the case for Justine Jakobs, who has 36,000 subscribers on OnlyFans.

Many creators have outsourced messaging, hiring “ghostwriters” from OnlyFans management agencies to answer messages on their behalf.

OnlyFans models spend more than just time behind a screen. In addition to working on content with other OnlyFans stars, Edwards travels often.

Another way for creators of OnlyFans to make money is by setting up private coaching businesses and courses. After receiving a spike in questions about succeeding on OnlyFans, Aurea launched a course.

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