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February 24, 2023

If Napoli Wins The Champions League, OnlyFans Babe Plans a Naked Bus Tour

If Napoli wins the Champions League in June, OnlyFans model Paola Saulino will spend thousands on an open naked bus tour in her hometown.

In a sensational promise for if Napoli wins the Champions League, an OnlyFans babe bonked a Premier League star behind his girlfriend’s back.

Paola Saulino will tour the City naked in an open-top bus if her beloved team wins the championship.

Many pundits believe the fast and furious Italian squad could go all the way in Europe despite being 15 points clear of Serie A.

If the team creates history in June, Paola, 33, pledges to give the people of Naples an eyeful. She revealed to us exclusively: “I will do something crazy and celebrate by doing a naked open bus on top of Napoli.

Renting a bus isn’t the most expensive thing in the world. It’s something I can do and afford.

With $3,000, I can do it and contact people who can rent me a bus or provide this service.

In September, Napoli defeated Liverpool 4-1.

Frankfurt won the first leg of the round of 16 matches 2-0 away this week.

Paola believes the boys in blue can achieve football immortality and laughs when asked whether an English club could dump them.

She said, “I wouldn’t be scared of any English team.” Fans of English teams are always mistaken that they are the best in the world, and then they are confronted with reality, as Liverpool recently discovered.

“Honestly, only City scares me a bit. Nevertheless, what we are doing in Serie A is incredible. “Unlike the Premier League, where Arsenal has City on their heels, Napoli has no rivals.” Last year, Paola revealed to us she had an affair with a Chelsea player.

After a cheeky car romp, the love rat “used and humiliated” her during their racy fling.

She has now forgotten about the footballer and dreams of a European Cup instead.

Continuing the champion’s path would cement Napoli as one of the world’s most important and competitive clubs after years of suffering in the game. “It is both deserved and necessary.

In the eyes of the world, it would mean giving my City the respect and dignity it deserves as a Neapolitan through football.

Celebrating the Scudetto this year will be pleasant, and rejoicing for the Champions League is an experience I will not rule out.”

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