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July 9, 2023

Jana Gutierrez Is Going to Open an Account With OnlyFans

Social media platforms such as Instagram are popular among young Mexicans.

In the meantime, Jana Gutierrez has been sharing her sexiest photographs on social media while she awaits the outcome of her football career.

Her fans are now wondering if she’ll also make an appearance on OnlyFans.

With her photos that have gone viral on social media, the 19-year-old defender, who can also be a midfielder, has stunned fans with her dazzling skills.

Jana Gutierrez Take Instagram by Storm

Jana was accompanied by her teammate Maricarmen Reyes in, just a few minutes, who showed off her body while they pretended to shower together.

As a result of these snapshots and a video that appeared on Instagram, Gutierrez, daughter of former Mexican Atlante defender Miguel Gutierrez, she created such a stir that many wonder if it is the first step to her joining OnlyFans.

Sportswomen have joined this well-known website to share their sexy and exclusive photos for a monthly, quarterly, semi-annual or annual subscription fee that they receive.

A Possible Arrival of Jana Gutierrez on OnlyFans

There is no confirmation whether Jana Gutierrez will remain at Tigres during the Liga MX Femenil Apertura 2023. However, that hasn’t stopped her from appearing in the image.

This is why fans wonder if she will move to Pachuca, the current Mexican champions, or wait for a more lucrative European offer.

It has also been asked whether she will attend OnlyFans.

Jana’s only response was a smiley emoji, suggesting that she was contemplating the idea that would lead her to take this important step.

Among Mexican footballers with the most significant influence on social networks, Jana Gutierrez is the second most followed, with millions of fans, followed by Cruz Azul Femenil striker Norma Palafox.


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