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July 10, 2023


Due to the pandemic and rising costs, Lauren nearly lost her beer business. A 33-year-old woman turned to OnlyFans last year to save her bar.

“Truth be told, I have only ever been good at Pulling pints, necking pints, and t-tying,” Lauren said when she launched her business-saving venture.

Almost a year, her British bar is still in operation. She keeps the doors open, the beer flowing, and her staff employed, thanks to Lauren’s $12.99 subscription price.

However, as any smart business owner knows, you must hold onto your success. You must constantly look for ways to add value to grow your business. This is exactly what Lauren is currently working on.

“The pub is a dying tradition in British culture, and we have staff whose jobs will be lost if we close,” Lauren explained.

The challenge is providing a way for those who wish to contribute but need to register with OnlyFans. Lauren’s solution to close this gap is to sell her beer.

“Some of my followers have contacted me to say they would like to support me, but they do not have an OnlyFans account. I decided to create a beer that people could order online and enjoy from anywhere,” Lauren said.

“Lauren Juice is a limited edition beer we are creating with a local brewery.”

She Is Willing to Do Whatever It Takes to Save Her Bar, Lauren Beers

A website will be launched in August with information regarding the new beer. When the news is available, Lauren will share it on social media. She continues to fight to save her bar.

Keeping her bar alive and managing social media has been a lot of work for Lauren up until now.

“I am grateful to all of those who have helped me so far in my effort to save my pub,” she said. “I know everyone personally and reply to every OnlyFans.”

It has been an exciting weekend for content. Money has been raised for charity, and now a bar and the livelihoods of many people are being saved. Content has this kind of power.


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