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November 28, 2021

Lucy Robson, a Golfer with Almost a Million Instagram Followers and a Fan Page on OnlyFans, might be Your Next Instagram Idol

Before becoming a golf influencer, the 26-year-old beauty boasted a handicap of one.

She regularly shares racy images on social media of her on the course in skimpy outfits, and fans get hot under the collar.

Stunning Robson became famous by showing off her golfing skills and her ability to perform jaw-dropping trick shots.

She now has around 30,000 subscribers on OnlyFans, where she has gained a steady following.

Each month, they pay about £11 to view slightly naughtier content.

Spiranac doesn’t have an OnlyFans account but has 3.2 million Instagram followers as her rival.

According to reports, she is worth £2million, and she plays off a zero handicap, but Robson is catching up.


Robson was born on British soil and raised in Surrey.

Her love of golf developed when she was a child while living in Florida. Both in 2012 and 2013, she was named Treasure Coast Player of the Year.

During college, she represented the University of South Florida and then California Polytechnic. Despite this, she never reached the pro level.


Robson was not discouraged, however. But instead, she set up an Instagram account and immediately became famous.

As she displayed her incredible curves, her provocative posts attracted fans. As a result, Lucy has posed for FashionNova’s photoshoots. As well as Swagg Golf Company, Bang Energy endorses her.

On April 6, she teamed up with pasta brand De Cecco for National Carbonara Day.

According to reports, that has increased her net worth to £500,000. She is sure to earn more with an OnlyFans page boosting her bank account.

“This is my OnlyFans account! Here you can view exclusive content and communicate directly with me!” she writes in her bio.

That’s why she’s such a famous birdie with an invitation like that.


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