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October 17, 2021

Only Fans Star Mia Khalifa Took a Step Toward Leaving The Adult Film Industry

Who doesn’t know about Khalifa? She’s one of the most well-known names in the adult film industry. However, Khalifa had only paid $12,000 for her Pornhub videos, but she had already earned millions of dollars.

She worked in an adult industry when she was 21; she only starred in 12 movies, although they have generated millions of dollars. But Khalifa only got $1,000 for each scene she shot up.

Speaking with Yahoo Life in a new interview, she revealed many secrets, why she ended up in the adult industry, how society exploited her for many years, and how she found her self-confidence.

Without doing any internal work, I looked for every crevice for self-approbation that I could do; I always looked to other people to put a value on myself, Khalifa added.

I was aboveboard, insecure, and malleable. However, I quickly got into things and talked about my feelings, no matter if it was a man.

She added I wore a hijab was my most deemed and controversial video. I got many death threats from Islamic republic states like Iraq and Syria.

Khalifa thinks it was a lapse in judgment period of her life, and it took her away from the adult industry. She believes she is a cautionary tale, and it can protect many other women.

Khalifa claimed that things got her into the adult industry when she got overweight, didn’t want to enter any relationship, and didn’t want to make many friends.

Nowadays, Khalifa connects with many other women and reclaims her power and serenity by sharing her story on different platforms.

She said that those are the bravest women who shared their stories on the internet- they are the reason how I got my confidence back when I saw the women that are going through a worse situation than me and fighting skin under their nails- it’s the biggest key to battling with my shame.

She’s not working with Pornhub, but Khalifa is putting out content on OnlyFans, and she loves to do it because it connects her with her fans.

I only send out content that I believe, and I don’t worry about if it gets leak because I’m proud of what I’m putting.

A 28-year-old star admits she can’t change a past, but all she’s doing is stepping her towards a bright future.

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