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December 6, 2022

Model Wins ‘Most Beautiful Vagina Contest’ On OnlyFans And Earns A Fortune

After winning the most beautiful vagina contest in Brazil, Maite Sasdelli earns an absolute fortune on OnlyFans.

Brazil’s most beautiful vagina contest winner rakes in a fortune on OnlyFans. In a competition organized by famous influencer Ana Otani, Maite Sasdelli won the unique title.

On the adult-only platform, the model earns £2,370 (BRL 15,000) every few hours.

“Vagina Mais Bonita Brasil” helped boost her career by selling racy snaps. In a matter of hours, she earned BRL 15,000 (£2,370).

In addition, the beauty stated that it took time to build her money-making machine.

The process seems simple, but there are a lot of steps involved. There’s a company behind it, you know?”

Maite estimates that being popular on platforms like OnlyFans or Privacy can generate £47,370 (BRL 300,000) monthly.

She continued, “There is a company behind it, since it is a business.”
Making money is more complex than just showing up and producing content.

With 1.2 million subscribers on YouTube, Ana Otani organized Brazil’s Most Beautiful Vagina Contest.

On social media, she posts content about sex and relationships.

As a result of her boyfriend’s “nymphoplasty” surgery, Ana first made headlines in 2020. After having an operation to reconstruct her hymen, she tried to auction her virginity for £109,137 (BRL 800,000).

Since fans were bored of seeing her vagina, Ana set out to find Brazil’s most beautiful.
With 53% of the votes from Ana’s subscribers, Maite, from Rio de Janeiro, won first place.

In the past year, she has earned a fortune on OnlyFans.

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