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May 10, 2023

My Family Cut Me Off, But I Love Making $1,600 a Week On OnlyFans

After leaving her old job, an OnlyFans star lives life to the fullest. OnlyFans helps Kayla Evelyn, 32, from Ramsgate, Kent, make a fortune.

However, her £1,600 weekly salary has come at a price; she told The Sun that she no longer has much contact with her family, who are not supportive of her new lifestyle.

Kayla does not speak with her parents and only sees her sisters occasionally, even though many other women in her position receive strength from their families.

Moreover, she said she finds it difficult to trust people and only has a few close friends. The fact that Kayla, better known by her supporters as @kayla_evelynx, is known for her lavish lifestyle of treating herself to designer clothes and spa treatments every month will not deter her.

In her words, she is living her best life and feeling like she is experiencing an out-of-body experience, as well as describing her life as a constant vacation.

Michaela Ogilvie, a performer in the adult industry, talked about receiving a lot of hate, especially from women. Since the model comes from a modest background, she explained that she was often in trouble as a child.

The future now seems brighter for her, and just a few days ago, she could make £700 from one night of work. Kayla makes her living by remaining celibate, many characteristics people appreciate despite the typical characteristics of the adult entertainment industry.

Whenever asked if she has any plans to settle down, the 32-year-old said she is having too much fun to consider doing so. As a teenager, Kayla was placed in care and spent time in a bed, breakfast, and halfway homes until she was 16. She now earns approximately $6,500 per month and enjoys each day as it comes.

According to her future aspirations, she hopes to one day save enough money to rent out properties. Based on this, she would like to purchase a home and open a halfway house for children in foster care.

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