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November 20, 2021

Nigel Farage Receives a Free Subscription to Kerry Katona’s Website “OnlyFans”

The Atomic Kitten actress has openly talked about her success on a subscription site where she sells pictures and videos at her fans’ request.

Kerry, 41, and Nigel, 57, were in the studio when Kerry said: “I have to ask you about OnlyFans.”

“Do you want a subscription, Nige?” Kerry interrupted after laughing out loud.

Free subscription? I’ll take it. Friends discount and all.” she insisted.
Nigel, giggling awkwardly, continued, “I’ve got to ask you about it… I’m ignoring you!” as Kerry kept laughing.

He said, “That is exploitative, isn’t it?”.

“It depends on what you do on there!” Kerry exclaimed, “What’s different about me going topless every year on holiday?”

I don’t want tan lines because of photo shoots I do. I did photoshoots for Zoo magazine, FHM, Nuts, and I am doing the same thing for OnlyFans, Kerry said.

Every year I go topless on vacation with my children. Not only that, but when I’m doing my OnlyFans, my nipples are under my armpits, and I’m making money from it,” Kerry said.

The paps take pictures of me on a beach with my kids, and they make money, so why is it wrong when I am making money? Is that wrong?” she asked.

“Kerry, if you’re doing it and you’re in charge of it, and that’s fine, but it has been criticized a lot, hasn’t it?” says Nigel.

Kerry, a mother of five, previously revealed she had earned more than £1million from the site, including selling foot pictures.

The actress previously defended Hollyoaks star Sarah Jayne Dunn after being fired for signing up to OnlyFans.

“I have never heard such bulls*** before,” Kerry told The Sun.

“I know many of the women in Hollyoaks, Corrie Street and all those – back then, you were glad to advertise them in FHM, Nuts and Zoo, and other lads’ magazines. Why shouldn’t their bodies make their money now?”

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