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November 30, 2022

On OnlyFans, Carmen Electra Drops Her’ Biggest Sale’

The actress is no stranger to showing off her killer figure in NSFW outfits, as those who follow her on social media know. She is best known for posing in anything showing a lot of skin.

It Leaves Little To The Imagination

Recently, Electra promoted an exclusive sale on her OnlyFans page while wearing a scanty lingerie set on Instagram.

Her black lace lingerie set made her look hotter than ever. Most of the bra’s balconette cups were made of lace. With their scalloped hems, they were sheer and fully lined, highlighting her chest more. Her plunging neckline revealed plenty of décolletages, which excited many of her viewers.

Likewise, the lower half of the “Baywatch” star’s outfit was made of mesh. The waistband of this skirt sat several inches below her navel, and the small bows highlighted her trim midsection and abs. Electra wore her sides high on her hips, exposing her toned pins.

Treating fans

Electra posed atop a bed with white pillows and a light brown duvet. Her thighs were spread wide as she kneeled in the centre of the furniture. A bombshell popped her hip to the side while tugging her bottoms, exposing more skin.

She wore a glamorous makeup look and had her brunette locks styled straight, falling over her shoulders and grazing her chest.

It pleases fans

Her social media upload garnered a lot of likes within just an hour of being published on her account. She also received dozens of comments complimenting her body and praising her beauty.

One person declared, “This is one of your hottest pics.”.

One supporter wrote, “@carmenelectra You are my erotic dream, my love, my everything.”

You’re so sexy, girl! Very good looking,” a third commenter chimed in.

The fourth user noted, “You’re setting records for the sexiest back-to-back pics of 2022.”

In May, Electra joined OnlyFans and described it as a “safe place.”

According to her, OnlyFans allows you to be your creator in a safe environment.

“I am my own creative director, my own stylist, my own visionary,” Electra stated.

Creating ‘fun’ content

An alum of “Meet the Spartans” said, “You have a one-on-one relationship with the fans, and they can share their requests with you.” It can be fun,” she added. That’s exactly what I wanted to do.”

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