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August 3, 2023

On OnlyFans, Marie Temara, The Giant 7-Foot Model, Seduces Fans With Her Beauty

Marie Temara, a 7-foot (2.13m) model, is known for her ability to dazzle hundreds of thousands of fans on and millions on other social media platforms. However, there is some doubt as to whether her height is authentic.

Having earned $320,000 a month by uploading adult material to her OnlyFans profile, the Daily Star reveals: “A model who claims to be 7 feet tall earns £250,000 per month selling risqué snaps.”

Tamara has over 1,200,000 followers on her official Instagram account, followed by 200,000 on her secondary account, 2,100,000 on TikTok, and 221,000 on Twitter.

A 7-Foot Model Is Questioned About the Validity of Her Height 

It is mainly because of the gigantism fetish that she is successful on OnlyFans. As in the tweet where she appears bent over with the following reading, Marie found a niche there and exploits it.

Her presence generates dollars for her accounts and questions regarding her height. According to The Star, questions were raised about her height following her latest Instagram post.

In an Instagram photo, Marie stands between her father and mother, who are 1.91 meters tall. As a result of the photograph, her followers expressed doubt and concern because, according to the Guinness World Record book, Rumeysa Gelgi, 26, is the tallest living woman.

Rumeysa Gelgi stands 2.15 meters tall, just two centimetres taller than Marie Temara, yet she is nearly 11 centimetres shorter than her mother, which is very surprising.

The tallest woman in the world is seven feet tall. Therefore, your mother or yourself are not. This is a sad lie.

Although Marie claims she is descended from a long line of giants, social media users have already begun to question her exact height.

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