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April 23, 2023

One of Only Fans’ Stars Nearly Drowned Taking Racy Cave Pictures and Wants To Be A Part Of I’m A Celeb

Despite getting stuck in a cave, nearly drowning, and being rescued by coastguards, OnlyFans Michaela Ogilvie believes she should be allowed into the jungle this year.

A popular OnlyFans star believes she should be put on I’m a Celebrity. I’m Out! The coastguard rescued him following a sexy photo shoot.

Seeing a cave on the beach near Dumpton Gap in Kent, Michaela Ogilvie, aka Kayla Evelyn, on social media and OnlyFans, decided to enter it to take some sexy pictures for her OnlyFans page.

While Kayla thought it was the perfect location for some saucy photos, the tide cut her off from the shore, forcing RNLI crews to rescue her.

After a car accident in February, the online model went full-time on OnlyFans. During the shoot, she stripped down to her underwear before realizing she could no longer see the shore.

“I went skating on my longboard to Viking Bay, and I was coming back along the beach when I got to Dumpton Gap, and I looked at the tide times,” said Kayla.

I don’t know what low tide and high tide mean. While walking along the beach, I noticed a cave and thought, ‘Oh, that would make a great photo opportunity’. It took me a while to take the photos because I had vans on and everything.”

Many news outlets covered her mishap after she shared it on social media, and fans of her content also shared the story. In response to the new interest, Kayla joked that she now has celebrity status.

She posted a photograph of a news article referring to her as a star on Instagram. In the caption, Kayla said: “RIGHT, I have been called a celebrity… does that mean I can go into the jungle?” She was followed by plenty of devil emojis.

Commentators were thrilled with the idea, with one saying: “Get this girl into the jungle, guaranteed to increase views.” Another said, “Get in there, Kayla!”

Several other individuals took to Twitter and Instagram to draw the attention of ITV. It appears that Kayla is looking forward to entering the jungle this year. Afterward, she stated: “I want to go into the jungle now.”.

“I am mad, some will say.

“Anyone who pays close attention knows that anything is possible!”

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