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October 28, 2021

OnlyFans Have Made Kerry Katona a Millionaire Again

Kerry Katona, born in Cheshire, is a millionaire again, thanks to the adult subscription website OnlyFans. After borrowing £50 from her mother to set up her account, she earns tens of thousands per month.

During an interview with the Mirror, she revealed that she sends sexy messages and pictures and receives requests from ‘people with foot fetishes.’

Kerry talked in the interview about how work dried up at the beginning of the pandemic, causing her to need to borrow money from her mother, Sue to set up her OnlyFans account.

Despite declaring bankruptcy in 2008, she made her first million after joining the website and says she is “so, so proud.”

People call me desperate for getting out a bit of nipple, but after this, I’m able to make my first million after bankruptcy, and this is so proud for me.

“I hate it when Nicole Kidman and Tom Cruise moan and groan in sex scenes in Eyes Wide Shut. Or Angelina Jolie and Julia Roberts are stripping off their kits. They receive millions of dollars and are honored. 

That’s ‘art,’ darling, but you judge me. As I’m not showing anything more than going topless on vacation.”

She joined OnlyFans after borrowing £50 from her mother because she could only afford to buy pasta, tinned and frozen food for her kids. Her subscribers pay up to £18 per month. As well, the couple is excited to spice up their love life.

Among her 2,000 subscribers, who pay up to £18 a month, a couple hoping to spice up their love life, fans of Atomic Kitten – and men fixated by her size three feet.

A friend told Kerry that a male friend was earning thousands of dollars from the site, and she began looking for a business opportunity.

Kerry is the mother of five kids – Molly, 19; Lilly, 18; Heidi, 14; Maxwell Mark, 13; and Dylan-Jorge Rose, 7.

Two of her children are with singer Brian McFadden, two of her middle children are with Mark Croft, and her youngest is with George Kay.

She shared her plans with the kids and said none of them were surprised.

She said she started as a page 3 model and owned her career, and they saw me doing different shots in the past, so three’s is nothing surprising for my kids.

She said she only sent hot and sexy pictures but nothing more than this.

People with foot fetishes have been asking me for foot selfies.

I’m like a therapist – their fantasy – who texts me about their sex issues.

“Some people aren’t at all crude. Then they’ll say, ‘You rock, kid! What are you up to today?’

Others say, “Kerry, you’ve helped me with my addiction” or “I used to like you back in Atomic Kitten days.”

Kerry opened an online clothing store, KerryBoutique, and a dating app, Marnii, with Ryan Mahoney.

In January, she hopes to purchase the £1.9million Cheshire mansion she is renting. Her success doesn’t come for granted, and she isn’t flippant about it.

“I will not allow my finances or emotions to be dictated by anyone else, as I once did.”

“The lockdown dried up the work. I borrowed from my mother, and Ryan helped. I had to sell a £16,000 jukebox on eBay for £1,900, which was pretty heartbreaking.

I have had to educate myself about myself in the last couple of years, and I’m still learning. I’m not perfect, but I’m not the same person I used to be.”

It has been two years since George, her ex, died of a drug overdose. She left him in 2015 when their relationship soured.

Cocaine addiction and money woes drove her to the brink of suicide, and she never thought she’d live to her 40s.

Kerry suffers from anxiety due to the anniversary of his death and moving back to Cheshire to be near mum Sue, 62.

“Now, whenever I feel myself sinking into darkness, I get up and go for a walk.”

“I’m here for my mom, who has COPD [chronic obstructive pulmonary disease]. My priority is getting to her, and I’m her only child.”

Kerry says her relationship with Ryan is great. She continues: “We’re not in a rush to get married as I know he’s going to be there for me forever. We’ll go to Vegas and do it someday, but we haven’t set a date.

“Molly takes the p*** because he’s closer in age to her – which isn’t true. I am the disciplinarian, and sometimes it feels like I am raising six children because he is so on their wavelength, but I love it.

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