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December 7, 2021

OnlyFans’ Jessica Power Shocks Everyone With Her EXTREMELY Raunchy Profile… She Claims to Have Earned $50,000 in Her First Five Days on the Platform

With her raunchy OnlyFans profile, Jessika Power has stunned the internet after signing up for the adult-only social networking site.

In a report on Tuesday, The Daily Telegraph stated that the 29-year-old Married At First Sight alum ‘leaves absolutely nothing to the imagination with her risqué posts.

According to the Daily Telegraph, there is much more than lingerie and bikini shots on display on Jessika’s profile.

In the first five days of the service, Jessica earned a whopping $50,000.

So far, she has racked up 9,000 followers on the site, which costs followers $15 a month.

Jessika admits her only regret is not registering for the site sooner.

She confessed that it would have made me rich if I had started it a year ago.

Meanwhile, Jessika shocked Big Brother VIPs last month when she revealed she had a sugar daddy.

She revealed that her sugar daddy died after suffering a ‘brain aneurism.’

Yes, I had one. He was from Europe, though. She continued, leaving her housemates stunned, “He used to send me four or five grand a week.”

Typically, a sugar daddy provides gifts and payments to a younger girl in exchange for sex or company.

Despite being involved in the arrangement for only ‘a few months’, Jessica insists that no sex occurs.

She admitted that she ‘just had to talk to him and that he ‘was like a full-time job.’ I found it irritating.

The reality star confessed it would have been awkward trying to explain her presence at the funeral.

What did I tell his family and friends? ‘Hi, how did you two meet?’ She explained.


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