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November 4, 2022

A Model For OnlyFans Says She Gets Sent Home From Work For Wearing ‘Revealing’ Outfits

In a recent video, an influencer with a side gig as an OnlyFans model claims her clothing was “distracting.”

Marie Dee, who goes by Marie Dee on various social media platforms, explains the alleged fashion failure in a video posted to TikTok last week.

Despite being slim-fitting, Dee’s long black dress is loose around her thighs and conceals her entire torso.

The outfit, however, is not modest enough for her HR department. Please don’t wear that, I’m sorry. I think it’s too revealing and distracting,” an apparent HR representative says off-camera.

Dee asks, “Is it distracting?”
“Yes,” she replies.

After her videos of their interactions went viral, Dee posted a TikTok of herself meeting with the rep.

After meeting with the CEO, he asked me to apologize to you because what you wore after your second review was appropriate.

We should discuss what you’re wearing today now that we’re here… It’s pushing it.”

“Exactly? “Exactly?” Dee asks, wearing a green dress with long sleeves and a zippered collar similar in shape to the black dress.

Rep says, “There are lots of boobs.”
Her attire has allegedly resulted in her being sent home twice, she claims.

In August, Dee posted a video wearing black trousers and an oversized purple top, captioned “Should I quit?”

Influencers have taken polarizing positions about the series, which has caused a media sensation for her. One commenter wrote, “You look amazing, like jealousy.”

She’s the oddest HR person I’ve ever met. It’s like she’s harassing you. You can’t even go anywhere else because she’s the HR person. Another writes, “I guess I’ll be a lawyer.”

The influencer has been accused of making up the scenarios by many followers.

It’s nice to see the boss reading from a script. Commenter: “This is so cute.”

Another writes, “People are such gullible.” According to her followers, Dee works “for her family’s company” and runs an NSFW OnlyFans page.

She also posts videos bragging about sleeping with employees she has hired.

The woman claims that the company forced her to issue a statement clarifying that “it’s not entirely true” that she sleeps with employees.

She claims that they had sex as well as slept together. She posts videos about her husband, who is a follower of hers.


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