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December 15, 2021

‘OnlyFans’ star Paige Woolen’s Fans are Divided After She Decided to BLOCK a Subscriber whose Raging Girlfriend Contacted Her

An anonymous female contacted Paige Woolen on social media after her racy snaps made her feel “really uncomfortable.”

Paige told Jam Press she felt a solid connection to her female fans, and if she can cause one less headache in the world, she is content.

Last week, the anonymous partner sent a private message to the US model, who has more than 17,000 likes on the adult content website.

“Hey, girlie. My boyfriend subscribes to your website, and I find it uncomfortable.
The username of this user is [BLANK], and I’ll Venmo you each month the subscription amount so you will not lose money.”

A full-time model replied: “I’m blocking immediately, don’t worry about venmo. xoxo.”

To make her female followers comfortable with her content, Paige uploaded the interaction to her sister’s Instagram account @dudesinthedm, where she posts sleazy comments from men.

“A girl. P.s. if your bf/husband follows, I’m always happy to block them. Are you comfortable with men in relationships subscribing to this?”

Paige said my content is very suggestive, and I’ll always have my girls’ backs.

My account doesn’t concern me if it’s normal, as long as I don’t end up being the ‘issue’ in someone’s relationship or mind.

On occasion, I post on my Instagram story, “If your boyfriend, husband, or anyone else follows me and you don’t want them to, I’ll happily block them.”

According to Paige, the content on OnlyFans is “definitely sexier,” and people get to know her through the site to understand the concern.

According to her, that’s a highly personal connection, so I completely get why a couple wouldn’t want their significant other to subscribe.

“I don’t get a lot of messages asking to block specific OnlyFans users, but they do pop up occasionally.”

Fans praised the model for her swift action, saying: “You have an amazing soul. I love seeing women support other women.”

Another person added: “I love it! Girls girls are the best.”.

Nevertheless, some followers weren’t pleased, with one adding: “This is beyond toxic to all involved. Unfollowed.”

Some of the comments on the post did not surprise Paige, and she feels she did the right thing.

The comments on her most recent post, most of which were made by men, state that she is part of the toxic behavior by agreeing to block her boyfriend.

They say he’ll visit another girl’s page, but that’s none of my business and out of my hands.

“I only manage my social media accounts.”

In April 2020, Paige created the Instagram account @dudesinthedm to expose online harassment models face.

With over 73,000 followers, Paige regularly posts sordid conversations with her male followers.

According to her, she never shares OnlyFans conversations on her page @dudesinthedm.

I would be hypocritical if I made those conversations public on Onlyfans, as it is the place for sexually explicit discussion.

I believe it is acceptable to post on @dudesinthedm what guys message me on Instagram about sucking out my farts with a straw.”

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