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March 4, 2022

Our 53-Year Age Gap Spiced Up Our Marriage, and We Don’t Care If Some People Don’t Approve

One couple with a 53-year age gap said OnlyFans spiced up their marriage. Gary, 24, and Almeda, 77, say they are not deterred despite being called disgusting and wrong by friends and family.

Since joining the adult site in October 2020, the couple from Tennessee, US, have made thousands.

Our marriage has always been excellent and stable, so I wouldn’t say it’s improved, but making content for OnlyFans has spiced up our sex life. “We enjoy sharing intimate moments and being able to talk about every aspect of our love story with each other.

Because of the uniqueness of our relationship, one of our family members suggested it to us. They thought it would be a big hit.

Our family and friends have given us mixed feedback about our content on OnlyFans – some of them said it was ‘disgusting’ and ‘wrong. ‘However, we have never let what others think of us influence what we do.

“This is our life to live, and we’re in total control of it.” Two weeks after they met at Almeda’s son’s funeral, they were married. Gary was 17 and had just split up with a 77-year-old, while Almeda was 71.

Last October, they celebrated their sixth wedding anniversary when they had 18,200 OnlyFans followers.

Gary said: “Married life is awesome, we have an amazing chemistry.”She is my soulmate, and no matter what we do together, we enjoy spending time together. She is my best friend.”

As Almeda said: “I’ve always wanted to be a model, so it’s something that I enjoy, and it came naturally to me. My favorite thing about marriage is being able to create something romantic and intimate with my husband.”

Gary and Almeda thanked their fans for supporting the OnlyFans venture in an Instagram post.

“Don’t let people tear you down and tell you that what you’re doing is wrong!” they said.

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