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August 15, 2022

People Keep Reporting OnlyFans Star To The Police For Being a Terrible Mom

Lucy Banks, a star of OnlyFans, endured hateful abuse from countless people and was reported to the police numerous times.

Her checkered past as a violent criminal has not prevented her from changing her name and filing multiple restraining orders.

She lives an entirely harmless existence in Perth with her two sons and has never committed a crime.

However, some public members have falsely accused her of exposing her children to sex work because of her work as an OnlyFans content creator.

Due to her successful business, the 32-year-old has been able to pay for private education, a house, a car, and investment property for the past three years.

Despite her tremendous success, some individuals have tried to prove she is in some way endangering her children.

She was recently informed that Child Protection Services and the police reported her five times. This upset me a lot. I was distressed by that. Keeping my children safe and secure,” Ms Banks told

She was assured that she was not on their radar and that all reports were dismissed since no evidence backed them up.

After that, we moved a few weeks later,” she said. It’s not a problem if people hate me. Someone who knows where I live doesn’t like me.”

To protect her and her children’s safety, she changed her legal name to Lucy Banks as a working name.

“No one realizes how hard I work at keeping us safe,” she said.

While trolls attacked Ms Banks’ livelihood relentlessly, she remained committed to her business and accepted it was an unavoidable part of the job.

Having this job means sending my kids to private schools on my own, buying our home and buying a stable car,” she said, adding, “I grew up without stability, but now I can give it to my children.”

It’s okay if some people don’t like me for that.” Ms Banks had the luxury of creating content from anywhere, so she never missed an after-school pickup or sport, and she could take her kids on extended overseas holidays whenever they wanted.

Unlike attention seekers or money-hungry people, many OnlyFans want the best for their families. “We have this stigma that crosses over into real life and is quite frightening.”

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