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November 21, 2021

People Say It’s disgusting & Shameful, But I’m Supporting My Family by Doing that- Hot Mama Said

Courtney Ann, a mom from Texas, earns $260,000 from her family’s home shooting sexy OnlyFans content each year.

Keeping their money rolling, Courtney and Nick, 41, share saucy snaps of the mom online – which he shoots at the home they share with their daughters, 16 and 13, aged 16 and 13.

Now, Courtney has hit back at claims that shooting in the family home is disgusting.

Family and friends have criticized their success online, calling the mom “disgusting” and telling her to “be ashamed.”

Parents say they are constantly combating unfounded rumor’s, with people claiming they are swingers, have sex parties at home, and “walk around naked” always.

In response, the mother claims she and her husband are just “normal parents” who want to support their family.

In a statement to Jam Press, Courtney said: “I have an Instagram account and model for OnlyFans, so all of our friends ask us if we’re swingers.”

Whenever my best friend stays over and posts on social media about being here, she receives DMs asking her if Nick and I are having sex with her.

A friend asked if we have ‘sex parties and walk around naked’ at our house.

There’s no way we can be friends because we post sexy pictures. That’s not true.

We go swimming, cook dinner, play games and watch movies in the media room when we aren’t working.

Despite loving their lifestyle, some family members dislike it.

Courtney said: “We have a wonderful group of friends and family with whom we spend a lot of time, but we have received some incredibly offensive comments from people in our lives.

“We heard things like ‘that’s disgusting, ‘you’re going to hell’, and even ‘your kids are going to be sex trafficked and sold’.

Some of my relatives have shown up at my house and told me I should be ashamed for doing porn.”

One of Courtney’s friends has also fallen out with her over her career choice.

During my first photoshoot, she watched my daughters for us as well as was incredibly supportive.

Things began to change when this friend met a new boyfriend.

“He believed the lies that people were saying about us online, like that I meet up with strangers for sex (I don’t) or that I leave my husband for a fan.

We haven’t spoken since my friend’s partner began slowly pulling her away, and it all blew up one night.

Knowing that there are many fake things about me out there – including edited photos, fake profiles, and even fake websites pretending to be me, is frustrating.

“People believe what they want to think.

“For our daughters, it becomes a learning opportunity to see and hear that you shouldn’t trust everything that you see and hear on the internet.”

Courtney not only receives abuse from people in her life but also faces cyberbullying.

“I’ve gotten DMs where people start by saying I’m beautiful, but then get increasingly enraged when I don’t respond.”

“I’ll eventually get called an h*re or a s*t or a terrible mother.”

Several people have commented and sent messages to me saying they’d be embarrassed to be my kids and should look after them instead of taking pictures all day.

Some even write that my children will be “just like me.”.

“My children will never be internet trolls like these people as they are beautiful and well-rounded.”

It has always been fun, cheesy, and over-the-top love between my kids and me.

It is bizarre that some people believe I have changed because I have embraced another side of myself.

The notion is that if a woman is at all sexual or even sexy, she will not be a good mother.

I feel sexy and take pride in it, and it doesn’t take anything away from being a wonderful mom to my daughters.”

She said: After Nick dared her to post a picture on Instagram, Courtney started sharing racy content on her page.

She’s able to make more money in a month than she did a year ago when she ran a cleaning business.

By doing so, she would earn £25,510 a year – the same amount she makes monthly, thanks to her OnlyFans page.

They say their new career has improved their finances and strengthened their bond as a family.

“I spend every day with my husband and two daughters, who are now homeschooled online,” she said.

We work out, create content, and run errands together while they do school.

Then we all hang out together and do whatever we want.

Our vacations during this time are more than all of our years together combined.

We had the opportunity to share experiences with them and spend so much more time with them.

The relationship between us is something I could never have imagined.”

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