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August 9, 2022

PLAYBOY Model Daniella Chavez Claims She Has Raised £6.5million As She Attempts To Buy Chilean Football Club O’Higgins

Just two weeks ago, the 35-year-old opened an OnlyFans account to fund the purchase of the Rancagua team.

Almost a fortnight later, she announced that she had already raised over £6 million.

The rate at which she is securing the money is astounding, even though she needs at least £10m to take over O’Higgins from Ricardo Abumohor.

Last week, she tweeted: “I have raised $8 million (£6.5 million)… today I read that O’Higgins leadership doesn’t want to sell to me.”

Then she criticized Abumohor, saying, “Ricardo Abumohor put it up for sale, and now they won’t sell it to me.”

“The man seems more severe to me, and I am sure I can do more for the club than he can… I am from the area, I am a fan, and he is not!

According to the Author, the club must be purchased by a woman if it is to be sold.”

After Chavez accused the owners of O’Higgins of sexism, they released a statement.

Despite not planning to “sit down to talk with Chavez,” they had not ruled out the possibility of her buying the team.

According to the statement, press articles in digital media have stated – with reserved sources – that the Abumohor family rules out selling the club to a particular individual. This information is false and does not reflect the Abumohor family’s values.

“The club leadership, although open to incorporating new actors or investors to promote the institution’s growth, must formally approve these proposals.

As a severe institution recognized for its values, we cannot accept interests expressed through social networks as real, concrete, or formal.

“This club does not oppose anyone because of their origin, race, or social status.”

The statement was accepted by Chavez, who charges £17 per month to access her OnlyFans account.

O’Higgins would be a good fit for her as an owner, as she explained previously. During an interview with Chilean radio station ADN, Chavez said: “I am confident my management team can improve Rancagua’s situation.

“I want to be part of a winning team that fights for everything.”

Putting her own money into football isn’t her first attempt. Rancagua Sur Sports Club is a Chilean lower league club that Chavez invested in two years ago.


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