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June 2, 2023

Sammy-Jo Luxton Releases Top 10 Content Ideas For MMA and OnlyFans Fans

In a rather revealing blue and green low-cut top, Sammy-Jo Luxton turned to her fans for fresh content ideas. Sammy-Jo Luxton, the MMA sensation and star of OnlyFans, has issued a major request to her loyal fans.

With over 70,000 fans on Instagram and a growing following on Twitter Twitter combined, the blonde bombshell hopped onto Twitter on Tuesday evening to ask her fans what type of content they would like to see on her YouTube channel in the future.

According to Luxton, who fights as part of the Professional Fighters League, “I’d like to get a large number of YouTube videos done so I can regularly post to the site. Please suggest a few ideas below.”

It is still being determined whether the 24-year-old will ever post a video on her YouTube channel, which currently has just 404 subscribers. Once the 

MMA star has her channel fully operational; that number will likely skyrocket.

Luxton’s fans also wanted to give her plenty of ideas following her pro-boxing debut against Aaron Chalmers at London’s O2 arena on Floyd Mayweather’s exhibition undercard.

One fan wrote: “I would enjoy reading funny or strange messages in the comments section. Vlogs and videos about your training for PFL would be interesting to watch.” Another said: “How training in Thailand differs from back home.”

According to another commenter, “Definitely challenging random street boys to a boxing match and going to work.” Another commenter said, “This is a typical day for Sammy-Jo.” But one fan suggested Luxton participate in oil wrestling, tweeting: “We like oil wrestling. I have several more ideas.”

Luxton responded, “I suppose as long as I wear shorts, I shouldn’t be taken down.” followed by a set of eyes and an emoji of a laughing face.

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