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July 31, 2023

Taking Intimate Pictures of His Mother Is a Serious Offense For the Son Of an OnlyFans Model, Who Faces Backlash

A former Miss Bumbum model has returned to the subscription site for the second time. During her recent Instagram Q&A, Andressa’s son Arthur Urach was asked by a follower if he was the one who films her shows.

“He responded, “Yep, I am pretty good with pictures, right? His answer caused many people to feel uncomfortable. Arthur Urach is an 18-year-old with approximately 235K followers.

According to reports, religious people are opposed to this and have criticized Andressa for including her son in such content. The teenager replied, “I’m not ashamed of my mother selling herself. Do you film her like this?”: “No, I’m very relaxed with her decision.”

A woman earlier exposed her sister-in-law’s OnlyFans account during the engagement ceremony, angering the internet. Reddit users claim the bride had no idea the groom was unaware of her past. As soon as she complimented the man for being “open-minded” and marrying someone with an OnlyFans account, everything started to fall into place. According to the Redditor, the bride had previously been stalked by crazy users.

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