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April 15, 2023

While Taking Naked Photos In a Cave, An OnlyFans Model Nearly Drowns As The Tide Floods In

A model for OnlyFans became stuck in a cave after taking selfies in Ramsgate, Kent. Due to the tide coming in, Michaela Ogilvie had to be rescued by the RNLI.

A model working for OnlyFans was trapped in a cave by the tide while taking pictures. The RNLI rescued her. When the water suddenly approached, Michaela Ogilvie took nude pictures of herself.

When Michaela got stuck in the cave, the tide was coming in, so she thought, ‘How could I do such a stupid thing? “The sea was completely in, so I looked up at the cliffs, wondering if I could climb them. “When I turned back in the cave, I thought I might drown if I stayed there.”

A lifeguard rescued Michaela within half an hour at Dumpton Gap, Ramsgate, Kent, where she was watching the sea sparkle. In the cave, I stripped off. I took a while to undress. It was so peaceful out at sea. There are only four pictures I got.

“I saw the tide sign but didn’t register what it meant. No one was around, but I figured it was because no one could get there. “Low” and “high” marks were visible on the model, but she didn’t know what they meant. Michaela continued: “Then it got closer, and I just thought, “Oh crap”. Waves were crashing, I’m a great swimmer, but I would have drowned.

“Without 999, I would not be alive today. It took the rescue team 27 minutes to reach there.”

Even the lifeguards had to use Snapchat to find her. “Thank god I had the brains to use Snapchat because I couldn’t show my location or signal. I was zooming in on Snapchat maps, and they found me.

The fact that I’m alive is crazy; it’s crazy. I once lost consciousness in a serious car crash and felt like I cheated death. I felt grateful for life after that. The cave made me realize that, whatever happened, I wanted to be alive.”

On Tuesday afternoon, just before 2 pm, a person was cut off by the tide inside one of the caves near Ramsgate. A spokesperson said: “Our inshore lifeboat got close enough to pick up the casualty and bring her back.” Please check our Facebook page before going to the beach for tide times.”

Micahel says the RNLI team knows what she does for a living from her social media “The driver walked over and said, ‘I’m surprised you haven’t taken a selfie yet’. I said, ‘That’s because I’m about to s**t myself’.” Michaela said she hopes people can learn from her mistake after calling the crew “amazing.”

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