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April 19, 2024

Who Is Leena Sayed? Learn About Devin Haney’s Wife and Her OnlyFans Job

The couple reportedly went to Mecca together. Boxing star Devin Haney will meet long-time adversary Ryan Garcia on Saturday in New York. Away from the ring, he’s in a relationship with social media sensation Leena Sayed, but who exactly is she?


Who is Devin Haney’s wife, Leena?


Devin, a professional boxer, has reportedly fallen in love with Leena Sayed. Leena is from an Afghan-American family, although their relationship is private. There is little information about Leena’s family; however, sources suggest she has a younger sister named Ruby. According to Sportskeeda, she was born in New York.


The social media celebrity is known for her relationship with the athlete and her successful profession as a content provider.


She has over 700,000 followers on Instagram. In addition to her social media activity, she is a former member of the Taz Angels. With thousands of followers, the group is well-known online for its provocative photos and nightlife appearances.


When Did Devin Haney and Leena Sayed Get Married


During a trip to Saudi Arabia, the undefeated boxer ignited rumors about a secret marriage with the former Taz Angel. A video appeared online showing Haney and Sayed expressing their love for one other during their pilgrimage to Mecca.


While Haney has not confirmed the marriage, he has shared details about his spiritual journey in the Arab country on social media.


He wrote on Instagram: “I’m just living life, I’m blessed, I went to Mecca, and I’m feeling rejuvenated.” “I feel like a new man.”I cleaned my sins away and am now living a pleasant, clean life. That’s what life is all about trying to be a better version of yourself. The couple was pictured together in Dubai during the summer but has since kept a low profile.


Do Devin Haney and Leena Sayed Have Children?


As of yet, the couple has not revealed whether they have children. According to reports, ‘The Dream’ currently has no children. Despite the duties and responsibilities that come with being a champion, Haney remains focused on his career.


Haney has had several relationships before dating Leena, notably with Aileen Giselle and Kris Summers.


What Is Leena Sayed’s Net Worth?


Although Leena’s net worth is unknown, she has the potential to earn millions of dollars with her social media presence. Leena is a successful social media influencer and entrepreneur, as reported by Sportskeeda.


She secured several deals and collaborations with prominent brands. The reported bride is a member of Onlyfans.


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