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February 24, 2022

A Clever Email Trick Reveals a Boyfriend’s Secret OnlyFans Account To a Woman

One woman came up with a clever way to find out if her boyfriend is a member of OnlyFans.

Lana was curious if her partner had an account with the subscription-based adult website, so she decided to find out. As soon as she tried to register using her boyfriend’s email address, she got a message saying that the email address had already been registered.

Lana shared the trick with her fans, and soon other women began commenting that the trick was “so clever” and that they would try it too.

Lana, who uploads under the account @lansss777, wrote: “When you use his email to create an Only Fans account to see if he already has one and he does.”

With over 300,000 views and nearly 500 comments, Lana’s video gained popularity with other TikTok users. Girl, don’t give me any ideas.” said one user.

Another said: “Well, he didn’t, but now he does.”
Another wrote: “Break up with it.”

Another TikTok user pointed out, “I don’t want to, but if he doesn’t have one already, he will get an email.”

Another said: “Don’t do this unless you want to be humbled quickly.”

The other end of the relationship spectrum is occupied by two couples who claim that spouse swapping is the key to happy marriages. In 2018, when Kate LaValley, 37, told her husband Brad, 40,about her bisexuality, his encouragement opened the door to polyamory for them both.

In 2019, after being together for 15 years, Kate and Brad met Alex and Lexi Kraft, both 32, at a local bar where they both worked together.

Brad soon became romantically involved with Lexi and encouraged her husband Alex to pursue a relationship with Kate.

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