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May 3, 2024

Who Is Richelle Ryan? The OnlyFans Model Who Would Have Won Joe Burrow’s Heart

The rumors raised doubts about the Bengals quarterback’s dating status.

Joe Burrow, the Cincinnati Bengals’ standout quarterback, has been in the spotlight this week owing to rumors surrounding his relationship with his long-term girlfriend, Olivia Holzmacher.

There is speculation that Burrow has a relationship with an OnlyFans model, adding to the mystery surrounding his personal life.

Although no evidence links Burrow to the OnlyFans model, the rumors have created substantial interest among fans and journalists.

The latest development comes amid ongoing questions regarding Burrow’s personal life, including earlier rumors of infidelity and links with NFL fans. Richelle Ryan, the OnlyFans model rumored to be associated with Burrow, is well-known in adult entertainment.

Richelle Ryan’s Career

Born in Rochester, New York, Ryan started her career as an exotic dancer and later moved on to sexual films. She has worked with various adult entertainment businesses, appeared in over 300 videos, and received countless award nominations.

Neither Burrow nor Ryan has openly addressed the speculation around them. The future of Burrow and Holzmacher’s relationship is still unclear, but it’s unclear if they will address the issue.

Richelle & Aaron Rodgers

Ryan has been linked to other NFL quarterbacks, not just Burrow.

In September 2023, the model made a daring suggestion to Aaron Rodgers, the signal-caller for the New York Jets, who had recently torn his Achilles tendon.

Ryan, a New York Giants fan, jokingly volunteered to keep Rodgers company during his recovery, suggesting a date to pass the time.

The Jets quarterback never publicly responded to the actress, but it seems unlikely that anything was finalized between them.

Given the player’s prominent profile, keeping such a connection hidden would be difficult.  

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