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April 24, 2022

A Flight Attendant Quits Her Job to Film Sex Scenes With Passengers For OnlyFans

A flight attendant made her dream of finding love in the air a reality when she started filming adult content with a passenger for OnlyFans.

After graduating from school, Mia Ventura joined the Israeli Air Force as a fitness trainer after being brought up in a deeply religious family in Israel.

As a model, she has amassed over 500,000 followers on Instagram and sharing racy content with subscribers on her OnlyFans account.

Mia discussed her transition into adult work on the InsideOnlyFans podcast when she met a handsome passenger through her job as an air hostess.

Mia described becoming a flight attendant with an Israeli airline after becoming tired of working in the Israeli army.

When a coronavirus outbreak threatened the industry, she sought out a man she had met on a flight and started making money from him.

“I stayed in touch with this guy I met in LA because of the sex… he bothered me because he became addicted. We had some threesomes, she recalled.

In speaking about their first meeting, she said: “I was his flight attendant, and he was my passenger, and the flight from TLV to LAX is 17 and a half hours.

“We had the best conversation; the flight was so boring, everyone fell asleep. He went to the back to get some wine from the kitchen.

As a flight attendant, I had to offer him wine. But I realized he didn’t just want wine; he wanted to talk to me. As a flight attendant, I had to provide him with wine. But I realized he didn’t just want wine; he tried to speak to me.

Even though she initially felt shy, Mia said that she quickly felt a connection with the man and that they remained in touch, meeting when she flew to LA.

Mia jumped at the opportunity to explore a new career when he invited her to live with him in California for half a year during the Coronavirus lockdown.

As a flight attendant, I had plenty of layovers at LAX, so we hung out a lot,” she laughed. “I feel like it was fate.”The pair have even continued to work together on adult projects since they were brought together in the sky. Mia acknowledged: “We’re good friends, even now, filming lots of stuff for OnlyFans.”

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