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May 7, 2024

I Work As a Creator on OnlyFans and Make $150K Annually. I Put In Nine Hours a Day, Seven Days a Week

In 2020, I created my OnlyFans page. I rank among the top earners on the network, according to my monthly account statements. After OnlyFans deducts its 20%, my annual salary comes to about $150K.


My spouse and I made about $85K a year cleaning houses in our home country of the UK prior to the epidemic. However, we were unable to visit people’s homes once COVID-19 attacked, and we required a shift in course.


When my kids were little, I worked a little bit for a sex chatline to help with our finances. Attempting to reenter the adult market made sense. I decided to appeal to that demographic after learning that foot fetishes were particularly popular.


I’m in a better financial situation now that I’m on OnlyFans. In addition, unlike our prior company, I am not required to pay employees.


All that is required of my spouse and me is one another. We spent all day together because he did a lot of camera work. It has aided in fortifying our union.


However, the hours are long. Seven days a week, I work from 6:30 a.m-9:00 p.m., averaging almost nine hours daily.


I usually spend two hours in the morning responding to clients’ emails and uploading images, videos, and voicemails to social media sites like X and Instagram.


Content providers on OnlyFans are in charge of marketing themselves. Being as visible as possible on the internet is essential. The more well-known you become, the more money you make.


I’ll go to the gym from 8 to 9 in the morning and then return to work. When I’m busiest, I create more stuff between 12 and 4 p.m. Making personalized videos and live streaming are the main components of this.


I’ll then take a few hours off before responding to emails, promoting pieces on social media, and scheduling new ones. I occasionally mentor other creators through OnlyFans’ referral program, mostly new gals. In exchange, 5% of their first year’s revenue is credited to my OnlyFans account.


Hiring a studio or a professional photographer is not necessary.

Users of OnlyFans pay different prices. Group broadcasts are part of the $10 per month membership. For $50, you can also have a ten-minute private livestream in my room. For $100, I also provide 10-minute personalized films.


I only have a few expenses. We never employ a studio or a professional photographer—we consistently record with my iPhone 12 Pro-Max.


However, I pay for an online takedown service and a premium subscription to X to protect myself from material theft. In addition, there are accounting fees.


Sometimes, I’ll purchase clothes, shoes, and underwear. But I usually make up the money I spend on my socks and stockings. I mail my socks globally and can charge foot fetishists up to $60 for a pair.


I’m 50 years old today, and I find it remarkable that I’m still so popular despite my followers saying I appear like a real woman they can relate to. However, my admirers claim I’m more genuine than other OnlyFans writers. I am still waiting for a job to be done for me.


My family and friends are pleased that I’m content and doing well. They are aware that I couldn’t make this much money somewhere else.


I have a flexible schedule, work from home, and engage in an enjoyable job with significant profit margins and low overhead. I never pay the nail salon for pedicures.


I’ve already been able to purchase a four-bedroom home with my spouse. We made all of our payments in cash.


I know I need to take care of myself, especially my feet. Never will you find me tripping over something in my bare feet.


I soak my feet in warm, soapy water every night. Then, I use a buffer to soften my toes and heels. To seal it in, I apply moisturizing cream on my feet using Vaseline.


I’m often asked if I ever have my feet done professionally. I wouldn’t find it worthwhile. Many of my admirers enjoy seeing me remove my nail polish and apply new paint. Frequently, they select the hue. The most common shade is hot pink.  

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