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November 19, 2023

According to An Ethics Report, George Santos Spent Campaign Funds on OnlyFans, Botox, and Hermes

House ethics committee report reveals that Rep. George Santos spent his campaign money on extensive self-care.

It is alleged that Santos solicited donations from donors for expenses he ultimately incurred, including a subscription to the porn influencer platform OnlyFans, Botox, Sephora, and $4,127.80 spent at Hermes.

Bank records obtained by House Ethics investigators indicate that the money came from a corporation controlled by Santos called Redstone Strategies.

In the 2022 congressional campaign, a New York Republican claimed that Redstone was used for unregistered campaign purposes.

However, House investigators found that he used the money to spend on himself.

“The funds were used for, among other things, settling personal credit card debt; buying Hermes goods for $4,127.80; for meals and parking at OnlyFans; and Sephora; and for smaller purchases,” the report states.

According to Business Insider, the House Ethics Committee’s bank records need to reveal which subscriptions OnlyFans creators Santos subscribed to. An inquiry regarding Santos’ comments was returned after some time.

According to the report, Santos appeared to have financial difficulty before spending tens of thousands on personal expenses.

According to bank records in the ethics report, Santos’s checking account had a balance of $136.93 in April 2022. A donor was texted asking for $6,000 “ASAP,” which he claimed would be spent on campaign advertising.

“Apologies, it was so hectic I sat on it like a dum dum,” Santos wrote.

A few days after receiving the $6,000, Santos transferred $5,000 to his account to pay his bills. Investigators found no advertising money.

According to the report, Santos used his campaign’s credit card for travel on his honeymoon, spa treatments, and cosmetic surgery.

“The campaign debit card was used to purchase Botox for $1,500 during the 2020 campaign without reporting the expense to the Federal Election Commission.”

After the report was released, Santos decided not to run for reelection in 2024.

Federal fraud and campaign finance charges are being brought against Santos in September 2024, including some personal expenses.

According to the indictment, Santos embezzled campaign funds for luxury goods and other personal needs.

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