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November 22, 2023

According to Model Leila Lewis, Representative George Santos Was a Subscriber to OnlyFans

Lying Long Island Rep. George Santos subscribed to an X-rated model on OnlyFans.

On social media, Leila Lewis claimed that the House member’s, well, member blew up his campaign money on personal expenses, like OnlyFans subscriptions. It comes after the House Ethics Committee released a damning report.

According to the porn star, she rated the porn star’s d–k after hearing of the committee’s findings. “This guy was subbed to me HAHAHAHA,” the model wrote. A follower asked Lewis if his rating should be public, and he responded: “No, I don’t see it.”

An official from Santos did not respond immediately to Lewis’s claim. Across her Instagram and X accounts, the adult content creator has more than 450,000 followers.

On OnlyFans, Lewis, a native of Pennsylvania — introduces herself as “soon to be your favorite sexy porn star.”

X-rated photos and pornographic videos abound on her social media accounts.

No one’s sure when Santos subscribed to Lewis’ OnlyFans, allowing users to pay for raunchy videos and photos.

In October 2022, an ethics panel investigated Santos’ spending and found that $50,000 in donations were transferred to his bank account for the OnlyFans subscriptions.

He initially denied knowing what OnlyFans was as rumors swirled.

“I just found out about OnlyFans three weeks ago when it came up in a discussion in my office,” Santos explained to Lisa Kennedy Montgomery on Fox Business Network.

“I was unaware of the concept.”

Santos spent donor money on stays in Atlantic City and the Hamptons, Botox treatments, and nearly $4,000 on Hermes and Ferragamo stuff.

As a result of the report, Santos decided not to seek re-election, and he branded it a “disgusting smear.”

On top of that, he’s been indicted on 23 counts, including lying to Congress and embezzling. He’s denied most of those accusations or says he made a mistake.

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