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March 2, 2024

After bankruptcy, Katie Price Will Lose 40% Of Her Income From OnlyFans

An adult entertainment website judge has ordered Katie Price to give up nearly half of her monthly income to repay debts. According to the court, the former model defaulted on a voluntary agreement she signed over her debts.

Several companies, including OnlyFans, have now been ordered to contribute 40% of her earnings toward her repayments.

In November 2019, he declared bankruptcy. According to her OnlyFans page, she is the “queen of glamour,” her subscribers can access “all my exclusive content.”

The trustees, represented by barrister Darragh Connell, told the bankruptcy judge on Thursday that Price had failed to pay 36 monthly payments of £12,500 and a lump sum under the previous agreement.

In addition to OnlyFans, celebrity news agency Backgrid was listed as providing her income.

For the next three years, they must deduct 40% of the income they owe Ms Price each month, insolvency and companies court judge Catherine Burton held. According to her, the trustees will now choose a bank account for the 40%.

Fenix International Ltd, the parent company of OnlyFans, did not contest the order. Price will be questioned about her finances in April, according to Judge Burton.

According to a report last October, she was going to prison once she was “done with it all.”

She said she had been to court “more times than I’ve had hot dinners” and would not care if she went to jail on her Rule Breakers podcast with Michelle Visage.

According to Price, people should not be ashamed to declare bankruptcy, and they needn’t be ashamed of their mental health.

As a result of people following the case online, recording and screenshotting proceedings, a previous hearing in September was held in private.

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