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May 4, 2024

Meet the Girthmaster, the Person Who Made OnlyFans and Makes Up to $80,000 a Month 

The internet’s boyfriend talks about the moment that went viral and why it’s essential to talk about gender and sex work.  

There’s a new main figure on the internet every week. And last Monday, that central character was a friendly Australian himbo whose penis was eight inches long and seven inches around. 

 He went viral after being interviewed for a TikTok segment touting the job search app Getahead, which bills itself as a “Tinder” for job seekers. 

The video is regular for TikTok, but it got a lot of views because of the Girthmaster’s stunning good looks and the numbers he gives when asked how much money he makes: Around $40,000 to $80,000 a month. The reaction was nothing short of fantastic. As of this writing, one tweet with the video had more than 87 million views. 


Then, people looked him up on Google and could see how big he was. One popular meme has the text “Everyone, clicking onto the profile of today’s Twitter main character,” which shows Pikachu with his mouth open in shock while the shadow of a vast phallus hangs over him. 

Cardi B even joined in the fun by posting a picture of SpongeBob’s giant worm and then deleting it. “It’s been a crazy 24 hours,” the Girthmaster told me on Tuesday when I called him on Zoom.  

The 30-year-old Australian has been making videos for OnlyFans full-time for about two years. Most of the videos are boy-girl ones, but his gay fans have asked him to make more. 

He says he doesn’t want to shoot with another man, at least not right now. He says, “I only want to make things that I like and have a plan for.” “I feel like “gay fans would be ripped off if I shot gay content. In a way, it would be a cash grab. 

And I wouldn’t feel moral about it. Interestingly, the Girthmaster says that even though most of his audience is male, he only thinks that about 15% of them are gay in real life, or as he puts it, “though I think there’s some flexibility there.  

He began “showing off online, just for fun—kind of like a digital exhibitionist when he was 18 and posted a mirror picture of himself without clothes on Tumblr. At the time, he didn’t show his face. Many people commented on how prominent his member was in the picture, which he says was the first time he noticed his penis was “out of the ordinary. 

He kept posting secretly on a disposable Reddit account for a few years under the name Girthmaster, which he says came from the KitchenAid Mix Master. He says, “Funnily enough, that name now has many marketing benefits because it really stands out.” People see it and are curious to know if I can really live up to the claim. (The reader says, “he does.”) 

 The Girthmaster had many jobs, such as pizza delivery boy, baggage manager, and furniture builder.

He says he had so much trouble making ends meet that he had to ask his mother and sister for money.

He didn’t think about doing sex work full-time until a woman he was meeting told him he should make his own OnlyFans account a few years ago. He says, “They told me to stop giving it away for free because people would buy it. Honestly, I thought it would be just a little beer money. It got worse, though.

 “Almost right away, the Girthmaster says, he started making “serious money on OnlyFans. 

But in the last six months, he started making the $40,000 a month he talked about in the popular video. (According to screenshots given to Rolling Stone, he’s made a lot more than that in the last 30 days.)

He could repay his mother’s debt, which caused him to share the news that he was now making a living with his family.  

“We were poor, and one of my sisters said, ‘I’ll be many things, but I’ll never be poor, he adds. So I brought her to dinner. I asked, “Remember when you said you’ll be many things but never poor? Now I make porn online. “And I won’t be poor. 

After answering many initial inquiries regarding his online identity safety, his family and male friends were “very cool with it, he adds. He says, “Men get so excited when they discover what I do.” “They shake my hand. Friends envy me. I think women are evaluated harsher. 

 It’s impossible not to compare Girthmaster’s viral moment to the enormous stigma surrounding sex work, especially for women, people of color, and LGBTQ-identified persons. 

Most reactions to the video are similar to Girthmaster’s male friends, but many internet sex workers are harassed and doxxed for discussing their work or money.

Last February, sex worker Isla David told Rolling Stone that 4chan-led efforts to utilize AI to “put clothes on thots” were aimed at robbing her of her permission and bodily autonomy online. 

 Sex workers who had been harassed online or cut off from family and friends reacted to the Girthmaster’s film. He admits such sentiments were “tough to hear, but he also acknowledges his privilege as a white male cisgender sex worker to be primarily celebrated by popular culture. 

 “The outrage is valid, he says. Women should be outraged that they’re treated differently than me. It doesn’t make logic. Therefore, I understand their anger.

He blames “Andrew Tate-type figures online who say OnlyFans creators are low-value women, that women should be modest, and that sort of thing for this double standard in sex worker treatment.

Insecure men dislike the thought that women can handle everything themselves and may not require a man.  

The Girthmaster says he’s trying not to let his member’s size get to his head(s) despite his internet fame: “I try not to make my penis my entire personality, he says. (He recognizes the similarities between himself and Mark Wahlberg’s Boogie Nights character, which he argues is not typical of the adult industry but is a “cautionary tale.”)

He works with adult luminaries like Kazumi, Angela White, and Joanna Angel, who told him he had the thickest penis she’d ever seen. 

He casually dates women in and out of the industry, but he’s not looking for a serious relationship due to his busy shooting schedule. He explains, “Coming from someone that’s worked with everybody, it kind of sunk in that this is something exceptional.” 

 In his free time, the Girthmaster sails and wants to acquire his pilot’s license, retire his mom, and buy her a house. Prior to taking his foot off the accelerator, he wants to do all the little things he’s wanted to do, take up new hobbies, and be more fascinating.

Because “there’s only so much penis talk the regular people in my life can handle before they get sick of me, he says. “My goal is to be intriguing enough for people to like me beyond my penis. 

“However, the Girthmaster knows you’re bookmarking his viral tweets and staring at his material. It doesn’t bother him. My name is Girthmaster.

I’m there for objectification, he says. It doesn’t concern me. You can objectify the Girthmaster. Entertainment is his goal.”  

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