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February 21, 2024

After Losing Her Corporate Job Because of Her Secret OnlyFans Gig, Australia’s Most Sexually Active Woman Wants 365 Encounters In 2024

In one year, an OnlyFans model called ‘Australia’s most sexually active woman’ slept with 300 men.

The 26-year-old Gold Coast woman, who shared details of her active sex life last year, has revealed her new goal: to sleep with 365 men by 2024.

She has already slept with around 70 men, making her part of the ‘top 0.02% on OnlyFans’.

OnlyFans model Annie claims she never had ‘much of a dating life’ before her side hustle was revealed. As a single woman, she used to go out about three times a year.

Since I’m not much of a dater, I’ve rewarded myself by posting reviews of my dates.

My goal is to have 365 men by the end of the year, and so far, I’m ahead of schedule. At this rate, I should reach 365 by the middle of the year.

Also, Annie has been asked to be a Valentine by ‘hundreds’ of men. “I’m flattered, and it’s sweet, but a day only has so much time!” she replied.

I have created a few plans to make the most of those 24 hours. The morning will be spent with one of my regulars, and the afternoon is reserved for a surprise date.’

According to Annie, who used to work in marketing, the key to finding a suitable partner is to tell them about her career.

Since my dating profile includes what I do for a living, they already know what I do for work before we go out, so I have nothing to hide.

My Instagram account will be the first place they check out so they can see who I am and what I’m about.

In a recent interview, the Australian revealed what her father thinks about her career in adult entertainment. According to Annie’s Instagram Stories, her dad is supportive and wants her to be happy despite his early confusion.

Also clarifying that her mother has always supported her lifestyle, she said she hopes to sleep with 365 men this year. ‘She sees my happiness and is watching all my dreams happen, and that’s all a mother should want for her daughters.’

Annie revealed last year that she was fired from a corporate role due to her side business, OnlyFans.

I had that concern when I first opened my account. ‘I didn’t want to get fired if someone found my OnlyFans,’ she said. Sadly, Knight’s fears materialized a few years later.

It was my first day at a new job. I went home sick on day five and received an email saying my contract was terminated.

Three reasons for her dismissal were included in the email with screenshots from her OnlyFans account.

In addition to falsely claiming to run their side business, they alleged she shared ‘online pornographic images’ of herself and used ‘crude language’ in them.

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