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March 12, 2024

Bonnie Blue Filming Spicy Sexual Content With College Students In Cancun

During spring break, Bonnie Blue will film with hundreds of college students in Cancun.

The 24-year-old will take on the famed spring break celebrations in the Mexican city following her controversial X-rated stunt at the Gold Coast’s schoolies week.

When she and Leilani May offered school leavers a chance to have consensual sexual experiences on camera, the OnlyFans star caught the eye of the world.

Over the past three weeks, the British-born blonde beauty has been filming spicy content with 100 college students in Cancun.

Her actions on the Gold Coast ruffled feathers, but Bonnie was unapologetic.

“During spring break, many students expect to get laid. Women on vacation who don’t want to be pestered by young men and want to relax with their friends can benefit from having women (us) in the mix who are up for it and don’t need any convincing,” she said.

We know how to please men, so we will ensure that the young men have positive and enjoyable experiences with us! Bonnie plans to earn about $200,000 on the trip and has already received a lot of interest from young men wanting to try new experiences.

“I think we’ll be able to get through 100 people with four to five videos per day,” she said. People recognize us from our schoolie’s collaborations and are keen to get involved because they already know what happens and how we do the process.

Our policy is only to create content with proper consent from the boys. The guys must prove they are over 18 and know the content is for our OnlyFans accounts.

“We invite dads to see what we do for themselves if you’re concerned about what’s happening with your son during spring break,” Bonnie says to anxious parents.

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