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March 8, 2024

Dispute Over Laptop In Courtney Clenney Murder Case Returns to Court

On Friday, Courtney Clenney and her parents were charged with murder in a case. Christian Obumseli, her boyfriend of two years, was found dead in their Edgewater apartment in 2017.

She was arrested in January after her parents were accused of possessing her laptop. Both people are accused of unauthorized access to computers, computer systems, or electronic devices. This charge is also being brought against their daughter.

Courtney Clenney and her mother’s iCloud files contain private communications between attorneys, which the defense attorneys argued should not be handed over to prosecutors.

According to the prosecutors, Kim Clenney could have asked his daughter if she knew the password for the laptop on the cloud.

In the end, the judge still hasn’t decided on the motion or several pending others.

Police left Clenney’s laptop behind after collecting evidence from her apartment following the fatal stabbing, according to her attorney. He said Courtney had been authorized to use the laptop because she shared it with Obumseli.

When Obumseli was stabbed and arrested in Hawaii, her parents received her computer. In their texts, the parents discussed accessing the computer, according to arrest warrants.

Despite not having permission, prosecutors claim they accessed Obumseli’s computer after his death. As a result, Clenney’s defense attorney countered that her parents could also use it since she had the authority to do so.

Clenney has admitted to killing Obumseli but claims she was acting in self-defense. It has been reported that Obumseli abused her regularly.

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