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March 5, 2024

Haters Criticizing Mandy Rose’s Success on OnlyFans Fire Back At Her

In the world of sports and entertainment, Mandy Rose is known for her hard work. Even after her release in 2022, she still broke barriers and reached unimaginable heights.

After leaving WWE amidst her incredible reign as the NXT champion, Rose built successful ventures independently.

A well-known success story is Mandy’s exclusive content platform, OnlyFans, which allows subscribers to access exclusive videos and photos. Even though Mandy has worked hard to make the venture successful, some have ridiculed her for putting herself on display.

A recent Power and Play podcast episode featured the former NXT Women’s champion addressing those people. In her statement, Mandy clarified that they were only jealous of her success because they couldn’t achieve the same success.

Furthermore, she stressed that building OnlyFans was not an overnight success, contrary to popular perceptions of women making money on such sites.

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