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February 25, 2024

John Cena’s OnlyFans Account and Randy Orton’s Response

Randy Orton views the OnlyFans page of Cena. Cena shocked fans recently by launching the first-ever OnlyFans page.

On March 7, Amazon Prime will launch a free account associated with the Ricky Stanicky movie. Randy Orton has now commented on the bold marketing strategy.

Reaction from Randy Orton

It got a lot of attention despite being a joke page for Ricky Stanicky. Orton reacted very cleverly when he noticed that Cena is on OnlyFans now. 

Orton responded to Cena’s post hilariously. He also clearly understands the OnlyFans bingo since he asked the 16x World Champion if he would like to “collaborate.”

John Cena also saw Orton’s tweet. In response, he said, “Excited to work together!” 

Here’s What’s Next

Despite not having a match yet, Randy Orton is on his way to WrestleMania 40. It’s likely that he is just shooting some content with Cena, and this is all in good fun.

Meanwhile, John Cena still hopes to win WrestleMania this year. Despite nothing being set in stone yet, the 16x World Champion is trying to do something big this year.

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