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November 14, 2023

Mia Khalifa Shreds for Saying “Being in the Army Is Worse Than OnlyFans”

On November 11, also Veterans Day in the United States, Ms Khalifa shared the video again.

A year-old comment Mia Khalifa posted on social media asserting that being in the army is “worse than OnlyFans” got her into trouble. She made the comparison during a US late-night talk show appearance in July 2022.

“We have OnlyFans, there is the sex work industry, and then there are actors. Do these three industries fundamentally sell our bodies somehow?” asked Ziwe Fumudoh. Mia Khalifa responded, “In my opinion, the military is worse than OnlyFans. It is selling your body to the government.”

On November 11, also known as Veterans Day in the United States, Ms Khalifa shared the controversial video again on X (formerly Twitter).

Earlier this week, comedian Marcella Arguello shared the clip, asking, “Who else remembers being against the Iraq war and being called anti-American when you weren’t just against killing innocent people!?” “Then you’d get this dumb conversation about being anti-American while you’re actually against killing innocents.”

Over seven thousand likes and a million views have been garnered by Ms Khalifa’s post since it was shared. Despite this, most users have criticized Ms Khalifa’s bizarre comparison.

A person said, “You have never sacrificed a thing for anybody except yourself. You are a sad excuse for a person,” said the woman who exposed herself for cash. A second said, “You’re so wrong.”

Both are horrible, but one is better. Soldiers give up their rights to give you yours.

Another person said, “No one takes you seriously.” One user noted, “You are sacrificing your body to defend a country you believe in. This makes no sense. You aren’t defending a country you believe in with your body nor abilities,”

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