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October 18, 2023

OnlyFans Creators’ Playboy Mansion Launches This Month!

A Playboy Mansion-style house is being built for OnlyFans’ biggest stars. In the UK-first home, Jordan Smith, 29, a digital entrepreneur from Manchester, explains he’s on a mission to “protect” influencers and OnlyFans contributors from being sucked into 24/7 content creation, which can destroy their mental and physical health.

Jordan launched his company, The Rebel Agency, last summer to bring Britain’s best influencers together to boost their income and “future-proof their careers.”

With professional cameras and recording equipment, his ‘Rebel House’ allows the Rebel Agency’s influencers to collaborate and create content in a party atmosphere.

“The Rebel House may sound like the Playboy Mansion, but it’s really about being a really professional, safe space for our creators to make awesome content for their fans, and be themselves and have as wild a time as they want for their fans,” Jordan said.

“The Rebel House is not for me to join the party but for Rebel’s clients to enjoy.”

“We’ve got loads of talented content creators on our books, and we’ve helped them all get into OnlyFans’ top 1%. “We create a safe space and caring community for influencers.”

It will be like a party, but they can create great content because of the professional set-up, and their fans will love it!

OnlyFans’ top earner, Belle Olivia, is one of Rebel’s clients. With just 10 minutes of content, she earns enough to pay for her penthouse in Manchester.

“Rebel has been running content days for creators for months, and they’re awesome.” In a few days, creators can access so much gear and record weeks’ worth of content.

There are always fun threesomes and foursomes to film for our fans.

“I can’t wait to get inside the Rebel House.” Rebel’s first event is at a country mansion, and their clients will get the secret address next week.

We also have a mental health specialist at The Rebel Agency.

Jordan said: “We have regular check-ins with our creators – we call them the Rebel Army – to make sure they’re keeping healthy and safe.”

We have rebel clients who want to work something other than 9 to 5. However, with such high earnings, they can easily get sucked into a never-ending cycle of content creation and answering fans’ questions.


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