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October 19, 2023

OnlyFans Model Discovers Stepdad Is Her Top Subscriber

The top subscriber of an Australian OnlyFans model is her stepdad. According to Daily Star, Talia Maddison is an OnlyFans model from Newcastle, New South Wales. She was shocked to discover that her stepdad had been subscribing to her adult content.

It’s been a couple of weeks since Talia started creating content. After two to four weeks, she noticed one user bought everything she had. In addition, the mystery user had some requests for Talia.

After two to four weeks of having her account, a subscriber had been purchasing all of her content. As Maddison explained, he had a username that needed to be generated automatically.

Talia finally figured out the username matched her TikTok name. When I threatened to tell her mum, her stepdad responded, “Hey, Tai, can we talk?” “My gut told me it was him,” Talia said. Her stepdad initially denied the accusation.

Talia says her stepfather would ask her to show him photos of her underwear in changing rooms or bathrooms at the store where she worked.

Talia recalled, “I used to go to the gym in the mornings before work, and he liked to see the underwear I was wearing.”

Whenever I was filming solo videos at my mom’s place where he lived, he would insist I film them in my bedroom, on the bed or the floor, instead of the bathroom.

“This at first seemed weird, but now it makes perfect sense since he could access my bedroom/underwear anytime he wanted,” she said, adding that she felt “embarrassed” and “betrayed.”

I was scared to go out and about in Newcastle for a few days because I felt devastated for my mom. Talia’s mother eventually ended the relationship, allegedly seeking a divorce, after being afraid of seeing him around.

Talia turned the tables by selling a ‘stepdad bundle’ that included the content that her stepdad specifically requested.

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