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February 19, 2024

OnlyFans Model’s Son Admits to Filming Her Content

Most teenage sons don’t bother to unload the dishwasher for their mothers, but this one does. She has over three million Instagram followers and is a successful OnlyFans content creator. Originally from Brazil, the former Miss BumBum model was a successful dancer before joining OnlyFans.

As her son shoots things for her, Andressa keeps the business within the family as opposed to hiring someone to do it for them.

At the time, Arthur, Andressa’s son, was asked: “What is your role in filming Onlyfans?”

For some, taking such pictures of our parents would seem unimaginable, but Arthur appeared unfazed by the idea. Others, notably religious groups, seemed to be bothered by it.

Upon being asked if he is not ashamed of his mother selling herself, he replied, “I am not ashamed; I am very serene about her decision.”

According to Andressa’s ex-husband, Thiago Lopes, Arthur and his mother were caught hitting the clubs together.

Last year, Andressa took a break from OnlyFans to focus on her religion while her son watched his mother rub against other men in a brothel.

“If I die, I will not be able to take anything with me. That’s why I made this decision,” she said at the time.

“I want to begin again with God.” But she returned to the stage two months later.

She also stopped modeling in 2022 after her conscience became troubled. After a hiatus, she posted: “I’m waiting for you.”

Andressa’s relationship with religion is tumultuous. The Universal Church of the Kingdom of God had previously been sued for brainwashing her.

Additionally, she requested her donation of a million ($402,649) back from the church. Currently, Andressa charges $50 monthly for a subscription to OnlyFans, where she is very active. In her bio, she says: “Andressa Urach like you’ve never seen her…”



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