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October 17, 2023

“Real-Life Sex” Clips Help OnlyFans Stars Earn More than Millionaires

Video of her “real life sex” makes her more cash than celebrity content on OnlyFans.

When Belle Olivia said she could pay her rent on her penthouse apartment with the profits from only 10 minutes of content creation, global headlines exploded. She was born in Dublin but moved to Manchester as soon as she started getting paid for creating content.

I’m doing better than celebrities like Kerry Katona and Lottie Moss since my videos show my real life, said the 21-year-old.

I don’t make anything and film spontaneously with my boyfriend and friends.

“When I was in Ibiza with a girl, we played threesomes and then a foursome with guys we met in clubs, and we just filmed it on the spot.”

“Nothing is planned, and my followers enjoy watching me make spontaneous, non-manufactured decisions.”

Olivia got 27,000 subscribers – from Ireland and Britain to the US and Germany – an OnlyFans record in months. Her fanbase earned her nearly £300,000 per month with a subscription rate of £10 (about R260).

Her videos do well now, on top of the subscription fees. The prices range from £10 to £100 for a 10-minute session.

I don’t like to say exactly how much I make now, but it’s more than many famous people. OnlyFans needs to keep it real!”

A digital entrepreneur from Manchester, Jordan Smith, founded the Rebel Agency in July 2022 to help content creators like Olivia make their fortune.

Olivia’s mission is to ensure creators don’t agree to kinky demands that will get them kicked off the site and to “futureproof” their digital careers.

“We want to create a safe space and caring community for creators,” Smith said. “Our in-house mental health specialist checks in with them regularly to ensure they stay healthy and safe.”

“We give them a blueprint to create a work/life balance so they don’t get sucked into a 24/7 cycle of content creation and sponsorship requests.”

Through our accounting service, Accounting4Creators, we help them pay taxes, budget, and set up a limited company. A strong financial future is also part of it.

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