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November 20, 2023

Twerking UFC Fighter Celebrates Victory On OnlyFans

A unanimous decision was won by Argentina’s Ailin Perez over Czech Lucie Pudilova at UFC Vegas 82.

Ailin Perez unanimously took the bantamweight title at UFC 82 over Czech Lucie Pudilova, who went viral after twerking in the octagon.

When her victory was announced, the Argentinian exploded in jubilation with a twerk.

In the first two rounds, Perez dominated. Still, Pudilova threatened to return in the final round, hence the excitement of Fiona Perez, who celebrated her 2nd consecutive victory with a dance.

She now has nine wins and two losses in her MMA career.

With OnlyFans, Ailin Perez Keeps Partying

Ailin Perez’s next move is unknown, whether her success will last, but her twerking put her in the spotlight, where UFC announcer Brendan Fitzgerald cheered her on.

The only fan page that ‘Fiona’ mentioned in her chat with the media is open to anyone who wants to browse her content and see what she’s doing isn’t porn.

“You can see my OnlyFans for free right now,” Perez said.

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