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March 3, 2024

Using Double-Entendres, John Cena Gains Over 70K Follower on OnlyFans

Taking a chance on the adult content platform, the actor decided to try it. Cena surprised everyone by creating a free account on OF, and no, there will be no racy or sexual content posted there, he emphasized.

OnlyFans grew exponentially after the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020. John Cena is one of the growing number of male content creators on the platform.

In April, Cena will play Ricky Stanicky in his upcoming movie. Its name appears on his “Blue Page” venture.

With double entendres in his photos and videos, John Felix Anthony Cena displays his quirky sense of humor. For example, he holds a cup and teabag with the caption, “Even a dry tea bag can come out wet on Tea Bag Tuesday!”

His writing on another includes a picture of him happily cutting a paper with scissors and adding, “Scissors slide easy.” Since February 22, 2024, he has posted nine photos, gathered almost 14 thousand likes, and attracted over 73 thousand followers.

The WWE partner Randy Orton replied to his fans who subscribed at the link in the bio: “Like you’ve never seen me before,” saying, “Let’s collaborate.

As a response, John said: “I’m eager to create content together DM for more.” Will we see them in OF soon? Everything is possible with Cena; we’ll have to wait and see.

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