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November 21, 2023

Women Make $20K a Month With OnlyFans After 5 Years of Bricklaying Content

After five years of posting bricklaying videos, she started an OnlyFans account looking to shake the hornet’s nest.

Over 190 million people use OnlyFans to make some extra money.

For Darcie Richards, 28, who learned bricklaying from her dad, she built a platform to post bricklaying content. After feeling her content needed to be fresh, Darcie decided it was time to spice up her content with OnlyFans.

There was a feeling of, ‘I want to make more money. What could I do that would shake the hornet’s nest?

Darcie brings in approximately $20,000 a month from the adult site alone, which makes the move worthwhile. She earned $12,340 in her best week on OnlyFans.

Even so, Darcie has dealt with many hate comments since switching to adult content. “She was once a serious female influencer in construction, but now she’s resorting to this nonsense.”

Darcie responded, “I was a waitress too, and I worked in Subway, hairdressers, kitchen porters, furniture factories, animal sanctuary… I don’t see the point in what you’re saying here. Is it necessary for me to stay in the same profession forever, or do I have to run my own company, work for myself, or earn more money?”

Even though she’s faced backlash, Darcie said she’s learned to ignore it. Her mom also supports her.

Darcie’s mom told the New York Post that she doesn’t change much about who she is. She’s still our daughter. “Except she’s going to go to her bedroom for three or four hours, and then she’ll make five times what the boys are making on the job site.”

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